The Tale of One Family’s Rebuild
In the wee hours of October 9, 2017, our community was awakened to a strange, orange glow in the north eastern sky and the sounds of sirens. By dawn, the fast-moving wildfire (dubbed the Tubbs Fire) which started late the night before, had already passed through Larkfield, over Fountaingrove, and enveloped Coffey Park–leveling everything in its path. Over 5,000 homes and businesses were destroyed, with many of our employees, customers, and friends being victims. Since then, our county has endured even more heartache and the loss of hundreds of more homes to the Kincaid Fire, and more recently the Walbridge and Glass Fires.
Now, exactly three years later, the Great Rebuild is well underway, with Coffey Park nearing the finish line of completing construction. However, many other neighborhoods still have more work to do because they faced additional challenges—such as replacing water and gas lines—before construction could begin.
One casualty of the Tubbs Fire was the childhood home of Kimberly Arata, wife of our General Manager, Ryan Arata. When Kim’s parents decided not to rebuild, she and Ryan bought the lot and set to work to build a dream house for their young family. But this wouldn’t be just any house. Not only did they go for a modern-minimalist style, but they chose to use as many products as possible from Healdsburg Lumber Company and Hudson Street Design. They also set a goal of meeting the clean energy standards set by Sonoma Clean Energy—which they exceeded by being about 40% more energy efficient than the standard energy efficient home.
Come along on a journey with the Arata Family and Healdsburg Lumber as we document the process, products, perks, problems, and professionals involved in (re)building a home. Starting tomorrow, join us every Saturday for an update on the Arata House! Follow along each week for useful tips and product recommendations.