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Alder Hardwood

Alder hardwood tends to be a light tan to a reddish brown in color which darkens and reddens with age. Alder wood has no visible distinction between heartwood and sapwood as well as no characteristic in odor.

Alder wood’s overall grain pattern and appearance is similar to Birch though with a much reddish color.

The hardwood grain is generally straight, with a moderately fine, uniform texture. Alder wood are easy to work with both hand and machine tools.

We have high quality alder hardwood selections.
Alder Hardwood - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA  
Price Qty
14ALD 1X4 ALDER S4S $3.65/LF
16ALD 1X6 ALDER S4S $5.59/LF
18ALD 1X8 ALDER S4S $8.15/LF