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Cherry Hardwood

Cherry heartwood has a distinct light-pinkish brown when freshly cut, and then darkening to a rich reddish brown with time, oxidation, and when exposed to light.

Cherry hardwood’s sap has more of a pale yellowish color. The heartwood is known for being very durable and high resistance to rot.

This hardwood is known as being one of the best all-around woods for workability including wood bending and turning with stable, straight-grained, and machines well; fine textured, strong and fairly durable. Cherry hardwoods are stable, machines well and straight-grained. The only issue arises if the Cherry wood are being stained, as it can sometimes give spotty results - using a sanding sealer prior to staining, or using a gel-based stain is recommended. Sapwood is common, and may contribute to a high wastage factor.

We have high grade cherry hardwood product selections.
Cherry Hardwood - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA  
Price Qty
14CHE 1X4 CHERRY S4S $3.89/LF
16CHE 1X6 CHERRY S4S $4.29/LF
18CHE 1X8 CHERRY S4S $7.89/LF