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Pneumatic Fasteners

Shop Pneumatic Fasteners at HLC Incorporated.

We have wide array of high quality Pneumatic Fasteners in California. Available fasteners and fastening hardware materials and supplies online or in store. Please contact, submit a quote, or call us for more info.
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Price Qty
FCP40 MAX HP MC 1-1/2" X .148" HDG $119.99/BOX
SB22148 10D PLYWOOD SS 2-1/4 X.148 250/B $56.99/EA
SR20113 6D RING SS 2 X .113 FH 250/B $38.99/EA
SR23113 8D RING SS 2-3/8 X .113 FH 250/B $42.99/EA
SR30131 10D RING SS FH 3 X .131 250/B $68.99/EA
SR32131 16D RING SS FH 3-1/4 X.131 250/B $71.99/EA
XB14148 1-1/4" X .148 HARDWARE NAILS 250 $12.99/EA
XB22148 2-1/4" X .148 SMOOTH SHK 250PK $17.99/EA
XB23113 2-3/8" X .113 SMOOTH SHK 250PK $11.99/EA
XB24131 2-1/2" X .131 SMOOTH SHK 250PK $14.99/EA
XB24148 2-1/2" X .148 SMOOTH 220PK $18.49/EA
XB32131 3-1/4" X .131 SMOOTH SHK 250PK $18.99/EA
XB32148 3-1/4" X .148 SMOOTH SHK 250PK $22.99/EA
XB34162 3-1/2" X .162 SMOOTH SHK 250PK $31.99/EA
XR23113 2-3/8" X .113 RING SHK 250PK $12.99/EA
ZB14131 1-1/2" X .131 HDG 264PK $14.99/EA
ZB14148 1-1/2" X .148 HDG 264PK $17.99/EA
ZB22148 10D PLY HDG 2-1/4 X .148 250/B $23.99/EA
ZB23113 2-3/8" X .113 HDG RING SHK 250P $16.99/EA
ZB24131 8D COMMON 2-1/2" X .131 HDGZINCGUARD 250PK $19.99/EA
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