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Galvanized Nuts and Bolts

Shop Galvanized Nuts & Bolts at HLC Incorporated.

We stock wide selection of high standard Galvanized Nuts and Bolts Supply in California. Available fasteners and fastening hardware material and supply online or in store. Please contact, submit a quote, or call us for more info.
Galvanized Nuts & Bolts - Healdsburg Lumber | Hardware Store | Home Improvement Bay Area  
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Price Qty
12GMW 1/2" GALV MAL WASHER -115/25# $1.69/EA
12GN 1/2" GALV NUT 35/LB $0.50/EA
12GW 1/2" GALV FLAT WASHER 26/LB $0.43/EA
14GN 1/4" GALV NUT $0.16/EA
14GW 1/4" GALV FLAT WASHER 125/LB $0.15/EA
1GN 1 GALV NUTS $1.89/EA
1GW 1" GALV WASHER 5/LB $1.89/EA
34GMW 3/4 GALV MAL WASHER 63/25# $2.99/EA
34GN 3/4" GALV NUT 8/LB $0.99/EA
34GW 3/4" GALV WASHER - 9/LB $0.99/EA
38GMW 3/8" GAL. MALLABLE WASHER 132/25 $1.49/EA
38GN 3/8" GALV NUT $0.23/EA
38GW 3/8" GALV. FLAT WASHER/83/LB $0.23/EA
516GN 5/16" GALV NUT $0.19/EA
516GW 5/16" GALV FLAT WASHER 83/# $0.17/EA
58GMW 5/8 GALV MAL WASHER 86/25# $1.99/EA
58GN 5/8" GALV NUT 13/LB $0.75/EA
58GW 5/8" GALV. FLAT WASHER 13/LB $0.75/EA
78GN 7/8 GALV NUTS $1.79/EA
78GW 7/8" GALV FLAT WASHER 6 PER # $1.79/EA
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