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Glass and Plexiglass

Plexiglass windows are made of a clear acrylic petroleum-based product. The durability quality makes plexiglass shatterproof. This transparent material has thermoplastic properties which allow it to be bent and shaped into a variety of forms when it is warmed to a specific temperature. The clarity of Plexiglass enables a great deal of light to pass through it. It can be easily sawed into any size needed for a project. The composition of plexiglass allows for more advanced geometric designs in architectural planning.

Plexiglass can be treated with UV coatings for protection. Plexiglass can also be tinted to any color by applying a thin, even amount of transparent paint. Once the paint has dried a layer of clear coat needs to be applied over the tint in order to protect it.

We have wide array of high quality glass windows and plexiglass in California. Available window materials and supplies online or in store. Please contact or call for more information.
Glass & Plexiglas - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA  
Price Qty
.118 (1/8") PLEXI GLASS SQ FTsize: - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA 638981 .118 (1/8") PLEXI GLASS SQ FTsize: $5.99/SF
.220 (1/4") PLEXI GLASS SQ FT - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA 638999 .220 (1/4") PLEXI GLASS SQ FT $9.49/SF
1/16" SINGLE STRENGTH GLASS - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA 808154 1/16" SINGLE STRENGTH GLASS $3.79/SF
1/8" DOUBLE STRENGTH GLASS - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA 808188 1/8" DOUBLE STRENGTH GLASS $5.49/SF