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Solid Pine Moulding and Millworks

Shop Solid Pine Wood in Wood Mouldings or Millwork at HLC Incorporated.

Solid pine mouldings and millworks is a very versatile and is used when you want to see the natural wood grain pattern throughout the applications. Solid pine can also be painted.

We have wide array of high quality solid pine molding, millwork, and other wood supplies in Bay Area, California. Available molding and millworks supply online or in store. Please contact or call for more info.
SOLID PINE - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA  
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Price Qty
P212 3/8"X2-1/4" PINE RE REV BASE $0.69/LF
P218 1/2"X2-1/4" PINE STREAMLINE BASE $0.99/LF
P221 9/16"X3-1/4" PINE CORONADO BASE $1.10/LF
P224 9/16"X3/4" PINE BASE CAP $0.45/LF
P226 1/2"X3/4" PINE BASE SHOE $0.38/LF
P230 9/16"X1-1/8" PINE CAP MOULDING $0.62/LF
P231 3/4 X 2 SOLID CAP MOULDING $1.10/LF
P234 5/8"X2-1/4" PINE RE CASING $0.99/LF
P239 5/8"X2-1/4"PINE COLONIAL CASING $0.82/LF
P242 5/8"X3-1/4" PINE MOULDED CASING $1.09/LF
P256 5/8"X1-5/8" PINE BEVEL CASING $0.75/LF
P258 5/8"X2-1/4" PINE BEVEL CASING $1.05/LF
P264 3/4"X3/4" PINE CHAMFER STRIP $0.31/LF
P266 3/4"X3/4" PINE CORNER GUARD $0.55/LF
P270 1-3/8"X1-3/8" PINE CORNER GUARD $1.19/LF
P272 1/2" PINE COVE $0.32/LF
P274 3/4"X3/4" PINE COVE $0.42/LF
P276 11/16"X1-3/4" PINE SPRUNG COVE $1.05/LF
P278 11/16"X2-1/4" PINE SPRUNG COVE $1.25/LF
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