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MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

Shop MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard from Moulding and Millworks at HLC Incorporated.

Composed of separated fibers and become a generic name for any dry process fiberboard. MDF is generally denser than plywood and stronger and much denser than particle board.

Medium density fiberboard or MDF can be used as building materials. Primarily used for internal use applications because to its poor moisture resistance. Perfect for utility shelving and ideal for small projects and repair work because of its flexibility. Also available in raw with the finely sanded surface or with decorative overlay. Because of its strong surface, Medium density fiberboard is also usable for furniture such as cabinets.

Medium Density Fiberboard is ideal for veneering for its hard, flat, smooth surface that makes an excellent substrate for veneers. Some varieties are less expensive than much natural woods, there is no underlying grain to telegraph through the thin veneer as with plywood. Consistent in strength and size and has stable dimensions. MDF also makes easy to finish.

We have best selections of quality MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) products and other wood materials in California. Available moulding and millwork materials online or in store. Please contact or call for more info.

Achieved the stunning look and appeal for your home finishing with our other millworks and wood moulding ranging from architectural wood mouldings, door frames, douglas fir vertical grain wood molding, finger-jointed pine, oak moulding, redwood & cedar molding, shelving, and solid pine moulding trim and more.
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Price Qty
MDF112 MDF 11/16"X 11-1/4" PRIMED $1.89/LF
MDF112A 9/16 X 5-7/16 PRM SANTA FE BSE $1.19/LF
MDF12 MDF 11/16" X 1-5/8" PRIMED S4S $0.49/LF
MDF120 MDF120 9/16X5-1/4 MONTEREY BASE $1.05/LF
MDF13 MDF 11/16" X 2-1/2" PRIMED S4S $0.77/LF
MDF14 MDF 11/16" X 3-1/2" PRIMED $0.69/LF
MDF16 MDF 11/16" X 5-1/2" PRIMED $1.05/LF
MDF18 MDF 11/16" X 7-1/2" PRIMED $1.35/LF
MDF203A 9/16 X 3-7/16 PRM SANTA FE BASE $0.75/LF
MDF212 3/8X2-1/4 ROUND EDGE BASE MDF $0.49/LF
MDF217A 9/16" X 5-1/4" SIERRA BASE $1.15/LF
MDF221 9/16"X3-1/4" CORONADO BASE MDF $0.69/LF
MDF223 9/16 X 5-1/4 MDF CORONADO BASE $1.09/LF
MDF285 5/8X4-1/4 CROWN MDF $1.19/LF
MDF286 5/8X3-5/8 CROWN MDF $0.89/LF
MDF305 9/16X3-1/4 HOOK STRIP MDF $0.46/LF
MDF308 11/6X4-9/16 JAMB STOCK MDF $1.29/LF
MDF343 9/16X1-1/2 MDF CLEAT $0.25/LF
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