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Hardwood Veneer

Hardwood Veneers are thin slices of wood that covers an underlying structure. Wood veneer is used to create a desirable finish on MDF, plywood, or other material to give both the beauty of the wood veneer, but the strength of the underlying material.

We have wide selections of high grade hardwood veneer in California. Available plywood supplies and sheet materials online or in store. Please contact or call for more information.
Hardwood Veneers - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA  
Price Qty
12BS 11.5MM(1/2")4X8 WHITE BIRCH SHOP1-PC C2 #6 $55.68/PC
14B 1/4" (4.8MM) 4X8 BIRCH THIN FACEA4 $30.08/PC
14M 1/4" (4.8MM) 4X8 R/C MAHOGANY A4#6 $24.64/PC
18B 1/8" (2.4MM) 4X8 BIRCH THIN FACEA-4 #6 $23.84/PC
18M 1/8" (2.4MM) 4X8 MAHOGANY A4 $17.76/PC
34B 3/4"4X8 NAT BIRCH A1 1PC FACE $88.32/PC
34BS 17.5MM(3/4")4X8 BIRCH SHOP C2 1P#6 $77.92/PC