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Primed Pine Lumber Products

Clear pine lumber is supposed to have no knots and a straight even grain.

The Clear Pine wood is ideal for cabinetry, trim and furniture building; one of the most practical and builder-friendly materials available. Characteristically, clear pine wood is a lightweight with soft, even-textured and easily machinable.

We have high grade clear pine lumber selections.
Primed Pine Lumber Clear KD S4S - HLC Healdsburg Lumber Bay Area CA  
Price Qty
112P 1X12 PINE CLEAR KD S4S $4.33/LF
12P 3/4X1-5/8 SOLID PINE CLEAR S4S $0.79/LF
13P 1X3 PINE CLEAR KD S4S $1.40/LF
14P 1X4 PINE CLEAR KD S4S $1.10/LF
16P 1X6 PINE CLEAR KD S4S $2.02/LF
18P 1X8 PINE CLEAR KD S4S $2.54/LF