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Western Red Cedar Lumber, Select Tight Knot, STK Lumber

Western red cedar’s Heartwood reddish to rosy coffee/brown in color, often with a chance streaks and bands of darker red/brown areas; has narrow sapwood with pastel yellowish white, and isn’t always sharply demarcated from the heartwood.

Western red cedar select tight knot lumber grade has a lot of character and is commonly used on siding, interior paneling and almost any application. The knots and other natural features of the wood define the visual character of this grade; wherein the knots were describe as sound and tight.

Bending strength: 7,500 lbf/in2 Tensile Elasticity: 1,110,000 lbf/in2 Compressive strength: 4,560 lbf/in2 Average Dried Weight: 23 lbs/ft3 Janka Hardness Test: 350 lbf (1,560 N)

We have high grade Western Red Cedar Select Tight Knot Lumber selections. Please also see: Western Red Cedar Lumber STK, Western Red Cedar WRC Clear Lumber, and Western Red Cedar WRC Primed Lumber.

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Price Qty
112CS 1X12 WR CEDAR STK S1S2E $5.20/LF
14CS 1X4 WR CEDAR STK S1S2E $0.84/LF
16CS 1X6 WR CEDAR STK S1S2E $1.71/LF
18CS 1X8 WR CEDAR STK S1S2E $2.32/LF
210CS 2X10 W R CEDAR STK S1S2E $7.95/LF
212CS 2X12 W R CEDAR STK S1S2E $9.52/LF
2410CS4S 2x4 10' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $14.56/PC
2412CS4S 2x4 12' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $17.47/PC
2414CS4S 2x4 14' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $21.82/PC
2416CS4S 2x4 16' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $23.29/PC
2418CS4S 2x4 18' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $26.20/PC
248CS4S 2x4 8' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $11.64/PC
24CS 2X4 WR CEDAR STK S1S2E $1.67/LF
2610CS4S 2x6 10' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $27.40/PC
2612CS4S 2x6 12' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $32.88/PC
2614CS4S 2x6 14' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $38.36/PC
2616CS4S 2x6 16' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $43.84/PC
2618CS4S 2x6 18' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $49.32/PC
2620CS4S 2x6 20' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $54.80/PC
268CS4S 2x6 8' WR CEDAR KD STK S4S $23.38/PC
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