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Douglas Fir Lumber, Green Lumber

As one of the world’s top building products, Douglas fir green lumber provides an outstanding strength-to-weigh ratios, bending and dimensional stability.

With most green lumber is subject to a certain amount of shrinkage and warp, Doug Fir green lumber is more dimensionally stable than most other wood species.

In general, Douglas fir wood has an Avg. Dried Weight of 32 lbs/ft3, Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC) of about.45, .51. Douglas fir wood has a Janka Hardness Rating of 620 lbf, and has 12,500 lbf/in2 as bending strength as well as crushing strength: 6,950 lbf/in2.

Douglas fir green lumber is universally recognized for its superior strength-to-weight ratio, high specific gravity provides excellent nail and plate-holding ability; also enjoys a superior performance against strong forces resulting from natural phenomena such as winds, storms and earthquakes.

We have high quality Douglas fir green lumber products selections. Please also see: Douglas Fir Lumber Clear, Douglas Fir Lumber Green, Douglas Fir Lumber, Kiln-Dried & Dry, and Douglas Fir Timbers area.

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Price Qty
14 1X4 DF STD/BTR S4S $0.37/LF
16 1X6 DF STD/ BTR S4S $0.56/LF
21010DF 2X10 10' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $15.18/PC
21012DF 2X10 12' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $20.96/PC
21014DF 2X10 14' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $23.97/PC
21016DF 2X10 16' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $29.59/PC
21018DF 2X10 18' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $30.82/PC
21020DF 2X10 20' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $36.99/PC
21210DF 2X12 10' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $19.95/PC
21212DF 2X12 12' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $25.25/PC
21214DF 2X12 14' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $29.46/PC
21216DF 2X12 16' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $37.83/PC
21218DF 2X12 18' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $38.37/PC
21220DF 2X12 20' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S $47.29/PC
2410414 2X4X104-1/4" DF STD & BTR S4S $6.42/PC
2410DF 2X4 10' DF STND/BTR GREEN S4S $7.34/PC
2412DF 2X4 12' DF STND/BTR GREEN S4S $8.98/PC
2414DF 2X4 14' DF STND/BTR GREEN S4S $10.02/PC
2416DF 2X4 16' DF STND/BTR GREEN S4S $12.26/PC
2418DF 2X4 18' DF STND/BTR GREEN S4S $12.97/PC
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