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SKU: 21014DF

2X10 14' DF #2/BTR GREEN S4S

Price: $23.97/PC
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2x10 14-ft Douglas Fir Lumber #2 and Better Green S4S

  • Dimension: 2 in. x 10 in. x 14 ft.
  • Wood: Douglas Fir Wood (DF)
  • Type: Lumber
  • Grade: #2 and Better
  • Profile: Surfaces on Four Sides (S4S)
  • Select: Green
Doug Fir Lumber is regarded as one of the world’s leading building products for a wide range of wood working applications. Doug Fir Lumber is one of the strongest and hardest of all softwood species which provides excellent strength-to-weigh ratios and dimensional stability.

And although all green lumber is subject to a certain amount of shrinkage and warp, Doug Fir Green Lumber is more dimensionally stable as compared to other wood species. Douglas fir is primarily used in building and construction; it is one of the best species for heavy structural purposes, including laminated beams and timber frame manufacturing.

Please see wide array of high quality 2 in. x 10 in. x 14 ft. Douglas Fir Lumber #2 and Better Green S4S Supplies in California. Available Douglas Fir wood lumber material and supply online or in store. Please contact us, submit a quote, visit or call us for more info.